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Azure Printing

With more than 20 years experience, Azure Printing offers a personal and professional service relating to all aspects of design and print. Azure has gained an excellent reputation for providing quality products - built on continuous improvement and a high level of service to existing and prospective customers. As a department within Azure Charitable Enterprises the business has a dedicated workforce.

Azure Charitables Enterprises

Azure provides a wide range of services to people with disability throughout the North East. Our mission is "Improving the lives of people with disability".

At any one time we provide services to hundreds of people with disability. Since the Charity began those who have benefited from our work is numbered in the thousands.

Azure is committed to providing an environment where individual development is nurtured and in which fulfilling careers may be pursued.

We have a number of Supported Businesses that provide employment and training opportunities for people with disability. These are Azure Garden Centre, Azure MBSL, Cafe Azure, Azure Printing, Azure Nurseries, Azure Landscapes and Azure Rolawn.

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